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Ceiling Fan Installation and Repairs Services in Central Coast

We are locally owned and operated.

We are reckoned the consummate professionals of ceiling fan installation and repairs in Central Coast

At LSH Electrical Services, we have a crew of accomplished and certified electricians who will do you the favour by meeting your ceiling fan installation needs no matter whether it is a replacement of an old and shabby fan with new one or repairing an existing fan. Our professional fan installers will give a scrupulous attention to every detail from scratch and help you achieve the need without any fuss in a timely and affordable way.

We are professional and licenced

We are an established company here in Central Coast and over the years, we have marked a record for truly installing and repairing thousands of fans in this area. We will install your ceiling fan in the most favourable position to ensure you get maximum cooling. We assure you of providing complete peace of mind; after all, you are dealing with a well-thought-of and certified electrical company in Central Coast.

Benefits of installing ceiling fans

Installing ceiling fans ensures a range of benefits as follows:

Brilliant Cooling - They make a room very cool.
Efficient – They are just the ticket to make your AC unit more efficient, and facilitating you to pay lesser money than your AC unit.
Cost-efficient - They consume a scanty amount of electricity, thus making them particularly cost-efficient.
Eco-friendly – Since these cooling machines entail little electricity, they are largely eco-friendly.
Good option in the winter as well – Even in winters, switching your ceiling on, you can enjoy a good heat simply by changing the direction of rotation. For most fans, it is clockwise during summers and counter-clockwise during winters.
Space-saving – Because the fans are positioned on the ceiling, ceiling fans do not consume valuable floor space as pedestal fans do.

Call us for installation and repairs of your ceiling fans

At LSH Electrical Services, we have a slew of qualified and licenced electricians with us who work across Central Coast, to have your ceiling fan up and run in no time. We are dedicated to cooling your home exceptionally well on a shoestring. Contact us on 0421 061 230 to give us a request for hiring our professional ceiling fan installation and repairs services today.


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