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Sensor Security Lighting

Sensor security lighting is a great and innovative way tothwartencroaching and other unlawful activities on a property. The lighting helps meet the need in the following ways:

• Perfecting the standard of illumination and safety for security workers
• Backing up other security systems
• Enhancing the possibility of detecting trespassers either in person or on videotape

Here at LSH Electrical Services, we are an organized and experienced team of electrical experts who offer world-classand failsafe sensor security light installation services designed to cover these and more areas

Types of sensor security lighting services we offer:

Here is a handful of security lighting solutions and options we offer our clients:

• Garage door lamps
• Doorway lamps
• Timed lights
• Motion-triggered lights
• Solar flood lights
• Fluorescent exterior security lights

Solutions designed for you

In the wake of the mushrooming glaring unlawful activities in society, a lot of people prefer the use of sensor security lighting system that can furnish them with foolproof security and reassurance as they arrive at home at night. Commercial business owners, for example, bar owners, are required by their insurance companies to fit security lighting installed on their property. And we do the fitting of sensor lighting fixtures efficiently, effectively, and timely for them.

Highlights of our electrical services

For a period of 20+ years, we have taken the lead as the predominant electrical services in Central Coast because of the five pillars namely team, esteem, reliability, passion and dedication. With this in mind, we ensure we have been delivering our customers the unsurpassed service. Your satisfaction and delight matter to us predominantly and we always want you to walk away happy with us whilst availing our electrical services.

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